Woodsboro Comprehensive Plan

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Corporation of Woodsboro
Mary E Rice | Town Clerk
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P.O. Box 88
Woodsboro MD, 21798

Phone: (301) 898-3800

Comprehensive Plan Details

The comprehensive plan is an official public document that provides the framework for all activities affecting growth and development in a community. The plan is long-range (20 years) in nature and is organized around a realistic and achievable community vision. The Planning Commission is responsible for preparing the plan, which is adopted by the Town Board of Commissioners. In the State of Maryland, a Planning Commission is required to review and/or update its comprehensive plan every six years. The time range of a comprehensive plan is typically twenty years.

The comprehensive plan provides guidance for decision-making on development proposals (subdivision plans, re-zonings, and annexations) and the planning of infrastructure (roads, sewer and water) and community facilities (parks, town buildings). Within the plan are goals and objectives for managing community resources such as transportation networks, natural and cultural resources, community facilities, housing, land use, and economic development. This structure sets a work program for public officials, citizens, and planners to implement the community vision.

Woodsboro Comprehensive Plan:

Board Resolution
 Board Ordinance
 Planning Resolution
 Chapter 1 Introduction
 Chapter 2 Community Vision
 Chapter 3 Background
 Chapter 4 Environmental Resources
 Chapter 5 Cultural Heritage
 Chapter 6 Transportation
 Chapter 7 Community Facilities
 Chapter 8 Municipal Growth
 Chapter 9 Land Use
 Appendix I & II – Property Owner Request & Citizen Survey
 Comprehensive Land Use Map
 Comprehensive Zoning Map