Woodsboro Community

Town Offices:

Corporation of Woodsboro
Mary E Rice | Town Clerk
Council Drive
P.O. Box 88
Woodsboro MD, 21798

Phone: (301) 898-3800

A Quick History of Woodsboro

Woodsboro Maryland Map Image

Early History suggest that the Woodsboro area was a hunting and trapping ground for the wandering tribe of the Susquehanna Indians. Robert Israel was one of the first men to settle the area after venturing into the Maryland interior from the Chesapeake Bay region. Israel Creek still bears his name and was used to refer to the residents who inhabited the area until after the Revolutionary War.

The original land grant was to Joseph Wood, an Englishman, born 1693 in Gloucester, England. The town was laid out in 1786. The initial name appears to have been Woodsberry with some plats show Woodsberrytown, later becoming Woodsborough, and still later, Woodsboro.

Woodsboro Today

As of the census of 2010, there were 1,141 people, 423 households, and 306 families residing in the town.

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