September 9, 2014 | Town Council Meeting Minutes

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Council Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at the meeting room behind St. Johns Church, 8. N. Second St. These public meetings start at 7:00 PM. The public is encouraged to attend. Please contact the Town Office at least two (2) weeks prior to a Council Meeting if you would like to get a topic on the agenda.

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Regularly scheduled Woodsboro Planning & Zoning Meetings are held on the first Monday each month at the meeting room behind St. Johns Church, 8. N. Second St. The public is welcome to attend these meetings, which start at 6:00 PM.

Woodsboro Planning & Zoning Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month as needed at 6:00 PM at the meeting room behind St. Johns Church, 8. N. Second St. Please contact the town office to be added to the agenda one (1) month prior to the meeting if you have business to discuss.  If there are no topics brought forth to be placed on the agenda 1 month before this meeting, the committee will not meet that month.

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Town Council Meeting Minutes

Woodsboro, Maryland
September 9 , 2014

The Woodsboro Town Council met today at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall with the following members present:

Burgess Smith and Commissioners Trimmer, Rittelmeyer and Kellar.
Absent from the meeting was Commissioner Spruill.

Burgess Smith called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

There was one guest and one resident in attendance.

After review of the August 2014 minutes a motion to accept them as presented was passed 3 – 0.

After review of the August 2014 financials a motion to accept them as presented passed 3 – 0.

Under Unfinished Business Burgess Smith presented a contract for the Comcast Franchise that he had reviewed and needed to sign. A motion to sign the contract as written was passed 3 – 0.

Burgess Smith also reported there are still a few streets in town that require crack sealing. He opened discussion on allocating additional funds to complete the entire town. It was decided to finish the town. A motion to finish all streets with no cap on the amount spent was made. Commissioner Kellar opened another discussion on not putting a cap on the amount spent and feels there should be one. Commissioner Rittelmeyer disagreed. Motion passed 3 – 0.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer reported on an email he received in reference to the milkweed around the pond that was recently cut down. Commissioner Rittelmeyer responded to this email.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer suggested tagging the ash trees that have died in the park and then having the maintenance men cut them down during their slow time.

Burgess Smith opened discussion on a ditch that is connected to the skating pond. It is filled with debris and in need of being cleaned out. The maintenance men would like to rent equipment to dig it out and lay the bank back. A discussion was held and Commissioner Rittelmeyer suggested the guys dig it out by hand. It was then suggested to rent equipment and do several areas in town at one time. Burgess Smith will have the maintenance men provide a list of projects that need done.

Commissioner Kellar had nothing to report on Planning and Zoning. He did suggest a vacant lot on South Main Street as a possible lot for a new town hall. All disagreed saying it was too small.

Commissioner Trimmer inquired with Burgess Smith on letters that are to be written and Burgess Smith informed him they are done.

Commissioner Trimmer suggested that a letter of gratitude be sent to Mr. Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland, for his help in obtaining the $129,000 park playground grant. Burgess Smith will write one.

Under New Business Burgess Smith shared an email from a gentleman who lives in Angus Way and would like to see a dog park in the park. It was decided not to allow a dog park in the Woodsboro Regional Park.

Burgess Smith reported on researching bats and bat houses. He expressed to the Council that the bats feces, which would fall right under the bat house, would be a problem and a public health issue. Commissioner Kellar reported reading that bats are not healthy. The entire Council agreed not to allow a bat house in the park.

Resident Ms. Dawn Burge was in attendance to ask the Council for their help in getting the trees along North Main Street, at the Highs Store trimmed for visibility when pulling out onto North Main. Burgess Smith will write them a letter.

Ms. Burge also asked if the town could deliver box tops she has been saving to the school. Burgess Smith informed her that the town will not get involved with that and suggested she drop them off herself.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer reported that he thought he had an existing RFP that could be used when compiling one for the drain repair at 200 South Main Street, but he did not.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn and go into closed session was passed 3 – 0.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Rice
Corporation of Woodsboro