March 22, 2010 | Town Workshop Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

Woodsboro, Maryland
March 22, 2010

The regular scheduled Workshop Meeting of the Woodsboro Town Council was held on Monday, March 22, 2010 at the Town Hall with the following members present:

Burgess Smith, Commissioners Brakebill, Eaves and Rittelmeyer. Arriving late was Commissioner Rensberger.

There was one resident in attendance.

Burgess Smith called the meeting to order.

The February minutes were reviewed and with no additions or corrections a motion to accept them as presented passed 3 – 0.

Commissioner Brakebill reported on the Planning and Zoning Committee having a site plan review for the property at 401 S. Main Street. The owners have provided everything needed or requested. Commissioner Brakebill provided a site plan for the Council’s review. He also reported the amended fee schedule is still on the table. Denis again went over training needed as a Planning and Zoning member and informed the Committee he sent a link and that the letter was sent and accepted for the extension of the WRE and MGE until October 2010.

Commissioner Eaves would like to get water lines flushed now that the weather is warming up. He will get with the maintenance guys to get this done.

Commissioner Rensberger reported meeting with a representative from the State to go over CPP and POS. He then informed the Council where we are with all CPP and POS grants to date. Commissioner Rensberger explained how he looked at Acquisition Grants. He did this in case

there was an opportunity for the Town to acquire a piece of land to be used as a town hall or park. He announced the top four priorities for grant funding and informed the Council he invited the State Representative to the Memorial Day dedication of the Civil War signs. He then suggested having the Frederick News Post and a representative from Annapolis there as well. Burgess Smith indicated he has asked Mr. Mike Strausbough to contact Commissioner Rensberger in reference to arranging the dedication.

The Council then discussed the process of submitting for grant funds. Commissioner Brakebill opened discussion on when the Council would discuss where the grant funds will be used. He then suggested the Council provide Commissioner Rensberger with an approved list along with the Rec Council and Legion’s list and then work at fulfilling those wishes. Burgess Smith feels that as a Board everyone should approve what is being done in the park. Commissioner Rensberger explained the process of submitting grants to obtain funds and then using those funds. Commissioner Rensberger will provide a list of projects to present to the Council before the next round of submission in early summer.

Commissioner Rensberger then updated the Council of “clean up” day at the park for Opening Day. Approximately 15 families was in attendance to work on the fields, restrooms and concession stand. Commissioner Rittelmeyer asked if there could be sensored lights installed in the restrooms. There have been many nights he has turned lights off.

Commissioner Rensberger then asked to be notified when the State deposits the reimbursement money recently submitted for. We will not proceed with any further grant paperwork until this is reimbursed.

Resident Don Trimmer asked that the aerator for the pond be on the approved list of projects in the park. Commissioner Rensberger explained that it currently does not fit in with State funding.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer opened discussion on the trees at Copper Oaks Ct. Burgess Smith will get with Tom Reese to have the trees on town property removed. Commissioner Rittelmeyer suggested having the Code Enforcement Officer go in and assess the damage. He feels if we can’t enforce the residents to remove the trees that maybe we could enforce the low hanging branches. Commissioner Rittelmeyer also suggested the Code Enforcement Officer write a letter to residents that have trees causing a problem. Burgess Smith suggested informing residents they can remove their trees if they wish.

Burgess Smith informed the Council about a CD that matured. We can get a five year term on the money at 2.53% and the bank will waive all penalties if we need to do an early withdraw. A motion to put the funds in a five year CD at 2.53% passed 4 – 0.

Burgess Smith informed the Council that Richard Priddey, Superintendant of the WWTP has submitted a request for a 5% pay increase for FY 11. He asked the Council to give thought to this before the budget meeting.

Burgess Smith handed out a budget to actual for review. He informed the Council he will have a projected budget passed out to them by the next Town Meeting so they can review and submit figures. He announced the April Workshop meeting will be strictly for budgetary purposes.

Burgess Smith opened discussion on the water and sewer budget to actual report. He would like to do a cash flow on this fund. This will help get a more actual on expenses. He will also look at the rates currently being charged.

Commissioner Brakebill reminded Burgess Smith about getting administrative help and Commissioner Rensberger would also like help.

Commissioner Rensberger opened discussion on the vehicles being stored along Rt. 194. After a brief discussion it was decided to have the Code Enforcement Officer look at that location and other junk yard environments around town and then send a letter out to the owners asking for their cooperation in cleaning their properties up.

Commissioner Rensberger asked Burgess Smith to be in attendance at the April 10th opening day in the park to say a few words.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the meeting passed 4 – 0.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Rice
Corporation of Woodsboro