July 13, 2010 | Town Council Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

Woodsboro, Maryland
July 13, 2010

The Woodsboro Town Council met today at 7:00 PM in the Firehall with the following members present:

Burgess Smith, Commissioners Rittelmeyer, Brakebill, Rensberger and Eaves.

There was two residents in attendance.

Burgess Smith called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The June 2010 minutes was reviewed and a motion to accept them as presented passed 4 – 0.

The June 2010 financial statements was reviewed. Burgess Smith reminded the Council that depreciation still needs to come out of the Water and Sewer Fund and that will change the bottom figure. A motion to accept the June 2010 financials as presented passed 4 – 0.

Burgess Smith gave an explanation on the Delauter bill for the water leak repair on Main St. He announced he would get comparison rates from other contractors.

The listing of bank accounts was reviewed and it was decided to move $50,000 from the General Fund checking account into the General Fund money market.

Burgess Smith reported speaking with the maintenance guys to begin pulling the grass/weeds from between the curb and road. He will also get with them on trimming the trees at the park.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer reported the patch at South Second and Liberty Road is not holding. Burgess Smith will check with the maintenance guys to see how they repaired it. He suggested fixing it with a ¼ round of pipe for now and permanently fixing it next year after taxes are increased.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer has not put together an evaluation draft of Copper Oaks Ct. yet and asked the Council if they wanted him to; all agreed he should for the 60 day deadline for reporting back to those residents is approaching. Burgess Smith reminded the Council we need to locate the water and sewer lines to know where to plant trees. Resident Donald Trimmer reported the sewer line is in the middle of the street and the water line is on the east side of the street. A brief discussion on sidewalk repairs was held and Burgess Smith updated Commissioners Rensberger and Eaves of the discussion from the past Workshop meeting due to their absence. Commissioner Rensberger expressed his concern on equal standard across the entire town.

Commissioner Eaves reported on the voluntary water ban that was put in place.

Commissioner Rensberger reported on his attendance at the Maryland Municipal League Convention held in June. He will review his notes and present handouts at the next Workshop meeting.

Commissioner Rensberger reported FY10 grants are ongoing, FY11 is approved and he will move forward with that and FY12 is due August 19th. He reported speaking with the Rec Council, neighbors and Town Council for ideas to use grant funds. Six ideas he obtained was, reconstruct a ballfield from one field to several, a pool, a tennis and basketball bubble, bike and hiking trails that would run parallel to the railroad tracks, a dog park and exercise stations which are already funded. Commissioner Rittelmeyer asked about the pond rehab work and Commissioner Rensberger reported it is not a capital project. Resident Donald Trimmer questioned, out of curiosity, who suggested the pool. Commissioner Rensberger informed him neighbors and his wife. Also reported by Commissioner Rensberger was the Rec Council has agreed to fix the collapsed batting cage and Fall sign ups are now open.

Commissioner Brakebill reported on Planning Zoning. They will meet Wednesday, July 14th and Denis Superczynski is unable to attend and do the training. The training has been postponed until the August meeting. Denis will forward a draft version of the updated Comp Plan and the 60-day review period will begin. Denis will also get with Mary on advertising and setting a Public Hearing date. The September Workshop is the target date for the Public Hearing. Commissioner Brakebill reminded everyone the fee schedule is still on the table and should be discussed at the July Workshop meeting.

Commissioner Brakebill reported on receiving information from third party Engineering Firms; he doesn’t want to contact them to arrange a meeting if the Council is not serious about obtaining a Town Planner. Discussion was held on third parties and what level of help is needed.

Burgess Trimmer and Commissioner Brakebill will both be out of the town on the same week and Commissioner Eaves was appointed the emergency management person.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer inquired on the status of the FY11 projects. Commissioner Rensberger informed him the $84,000 has the Governor and State Legislative approval and is awaiting Department of Public Works approval.

Burgess Smith reported on some poison ivy around a hydrant on Adams Street and he will have the maintenance men remove it.

Burgess Smith opened discussion on the bank along Creagerstown Rd. and asked the Council if we should continue to maintain it. Commissioner Brakebill feels the property owners are responsible for their own property. Resident Donald Trimmer thought it was part of a right of way. Burgess Smith suggested having the maintenance men clear it off one more time and send a letter to the property owner explaining it is their responsibility to maintain it. All agreed for the Town to clear it one more time. Burgess Smith will do some research to see who owns it and if it is a right of way. He also informed the Council we would need adequate traffic control because of traffic coming over the hill.

Under Comments from the Public, resident Donald Trimmer announced he is opposed to a pool in town and resident Ryan Trout announced he supports a Dog Park.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the meeting passed 4 – 0.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Rice
Corporation of Woodsboro