May 9th, 2023 | Town Council Meeting Minutes

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Woodsboro Planning & Zoning Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month as needed at 6:00 PM at the meeting room behind St. Johns Church, 8. N. Second St. Please contact the town office to be added to the agenda one (1) month prior to the meeting if you have business to discuss.  If there are no topics brought forth to be placed on the agenda 1 month before this meeting, the committee will not meet that month.

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Town Council Meeting Minutes

Woodsboro, Maryland
May 9th, 2023

The Woodsboro Town Council met today at 7:00 PM in the fellowship room of St. John’s UCC with the following members present:

Burgess Barnes, Commissioners Cutshall, Eckenrode, Crum and Case.

There were two guests and eight residents in attendance.

Burgess Barnes called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

After review of the April 2023 minutes, a motion to accept them as presented passed 4 – 0.

After review of the April 2023 financials, a motion to accept them as presented passed 4 – 0.

Under Unfinished Business, Burgess Barnes reported the new town hall plans are now at the County level and he will be monitoring it’s progress.

Burgess Barnes reported the town applied for a grant to install a new bathroom on the East side of the park and it was denied.  However, Burgess Barnes had time to submit the plan to another grant and hopefully they accept it.

Burgess Barnes read a letter from County Executive Jessica Fitzwater in reference to a request he made asking for funds to be allocated in her budget to help the town with a filter problem at the WWTP. CE Fitzwater denied Burgess Barnes request.

Commissioner Crum reported two projects were submitted to the POS grant program.  $140,000 was submitted for a skatepark and $250,000 was submitted for a bathroom to be built on the East side of the park.

Commissioner Crum reported the new playground equipment from last years grant is now on it’s way.

Commissioner Crum reported the Skatepark Committee is now accepting donations.  The financial host is the Woodsboro Historical Society and donations can be made at the Woodsboro Bank.

Commissioner Crum reported on meeting with the Disc Golf group. She is recommending a new opening in the fence that goes around the park be installed when a new fence is put up. She informed the Council the Disc Golf group is not responsible for cutting any cable. She also suggested to Mr. Mike Hillman, Reported for the Woodsboro/Walkersville newspaper to contact the group for a story.

Commissioner Crum reported the resurfacing and pickle ball lines on the tennis courts is moving along.

Burgess Barnes reported the newly designed Woodsboro flag has been ordered and Commissioner Crum was instrumental in getting that completed.

Commissioner Case reported on the recent Planning and Zoning meeting.  A gentleman was in attendance to inquire on extending 3rd Street as a gravel road so he could sub-divide and build a home behind 106 N. Second Street.

Commissioner Eckenrode had nothing to report.

Commissioner Cutshall had nothing to report.

Burgess Barnes reported that if the new flag comes in before the Memorial Day Parade that he has arranged it with the Legion to have a ceremony before the wreath laying to fly the flag on the town’s new flagpole.

Commissioner Crum provided a handout and reported on the website.  After a brief discussion a  motion to have Mr. Alan Rugh take over the website passed 4 – 0.

Burgess Barnes presented the proposed FY24 budget to the Council and asked that they review it.  The FY24 budget will be adopted at the June 13th meeting.

Burgess Barnes presented a Resolution to adopt the Frederick County Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Plan.  A motion to adopt the plan was passed 4 – 0.

Judy Katz, Copper Oaks Drive, was in attendance and questioned tree roots that would be cut. She informed the Council that eventually that tree will die.  Burgess Barnes informed her that the tree had already fallen.

Ben Marshall, Main Street, passed a flyer around to the Council and updated them on the skatepark project.

Rick Bontz, Main Street, provided a handout on what he has done to tackle speeders on Main Street.  He indicated the Sheriff’s Department would bring a flashing speed sign out to monitor the speed of vehicles.  Burgess Barnes informed him that he has been in communication with another town that uses the signs to issue tickets. Burgess Barnes will do more research on this.

Burgess Barnes reminded everyone of the upcoming election on Saturday, May 13th from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM at St. John’s social hall.

Mitzi Smith, Adams Street, inquired on existing chicken coops in town.  She noticed the new ordinance did not say anything about them.  Burgess Barnes said they will be handled on a case by case basis.  She then informed the Council of where she thought crosswalks needed to be.

Joe Williams, Gravel Hill Rd, was in attendance to ask for a Rain date for his music event on July 4th.  It was decided he could have a rain date of July 8th.  He also inquired on obtaining an alcohol permit for the event.

Bill Rittelmeyer, Copper Oaks Ct, questioned the 90% split on the POS grant.  Commissioner Crum and Burgess Barnes explained it to him.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the meeting passed 3 – 0.  Commissioner Eckenrode left the meeting early for personal business.