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Town Workshop Meeting Minutes


Woodsboro, Maryland
June 22, 2015

The regular scheduled Workshop Meeting of the Woodsboro Town Council was held today at the Town Hall with the following members present:

Burgess Smith, Commissioners Rittelmeyer, Kellar, Spruill and Piechowski.

There were no guest or residents in attendance.

Burgess Smith called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

After review of the March 2015 minutes, a motion to accept them as presented was passed 4 – 0.

A discussion on Code Enforcement was led by Commissioner Kellar. It was decided to keep the disciplinary action the same as the town code and indicate to refer to the town code. Commissioner Kellar will make the adjustment for presentation at the next town meeting.

Burgess Smith opened discussion on presenting a gift to retired employee David Sirk and planting a tree in the park in his honor. A motion to do so passed 4 – 0.

Burgess Smith opened discussion on the position of President of the Council and suggested Commissioner William Rittelmeyer. A motion to appoint Commissioner Rittelmeyer as President Pro-Tempore passed 3 – 0 with Commissioner Rittelmeyer abstaining. Mary will take care of signature cards at the bank.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer reported the trash cans along the creek in the park need to be emptied and in the coming Fall of the year the dead trees will need removed. Burgess Smith informed the Council the maintenance department is need of a wood chipper.

Commissioner Rittelmeyer reported he is in the process of obtaining final pricing on the POS projects.

Commissioner Kellar reported there will be a Planning and Zoning meeting on June 25th to review the addendum to the Code that was presented by the development group. A discussion was held on the deviations with different items. Burgess Smith feels we should listen the Town’s Zoning Administrator. A brief discussion was held on having one road loop all the way through the development. Burgess Smith indicated if there is one that no parking would be allowed on it.

Commissioner Kellar opened discussion on modifying the nomination code. He would like to propose an age restriction to run for office on the Council. A discussion was held.

Commissioner Spruill asked if the curb on the corner of Elizabeth Street and N. Second Street could be painted red to prevent people from parking to close to the intersection.

Commissioner Spruill inquired with Burgess Smith about contacting to Sheriff’s Department in reference to the speed bump. Burgess Smith will do so.

Commissioner Spruill reported he has walked the streets inspecting the crack sealing that was done in September 2014 and there are a lot of missed cracks and also areas where the sealant was laid and a crack was not visible. He will provide pictures of the areas. Commissioner Spruill would also like to get some grading and resurfacing done on town streets. Burgess Smith asked him to provide pricing. A discussion on “piggy backing” off the County was held.

Burgess Smith then appointed departments to the Commissioners. All will stay the same and newly elected Commissioner Piechowski will be the Water and Sewer Commissioner. Commissioner Rittelmeyer suggested Commissioner Piechowski contact the plant operator for a tour of the facilities.

Commissioner Piechowski asked for some clarification on the budget and Burgess Smith explained.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn the meeting passed 4 – 0.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Rice
Corporation of Woodsboro